People have asked, “Taps, what do you mean “Subscribe to this blog…?”

Answer: By subscribing to websites, such as blogs, you can actually save yourself loads and loads of time.

What if instead of checking websites one at a time, you could view them all in one place?

Sound good? Read on!

Everyone is familiar with email. If not, you definitely wouldn’t be reading this as you probably haven’t heard of the Internet either! 🙂 With email, you setup an account (perhaps Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, or Outlook) and receive messages from friends & contacts.

A feed reader is an account (or web page) that is similar to an email address. But instead of receiving messages it automatically displays new information posted to websites and blogs that you have “subscribed” to.

There are many different feed readers out there. The one I like to use is the Google Reader.

So how do you subscribe to a blog? You just look for a “feed button.” Click the one that corresponds to your feed reader and follow the prompts.

Here are some popular buttons:

Add to Google Reader or HomepageSubscribe in NewsGator Online
Add to My AOL
Subscribe in Bloglines
Add to Excite MIX

Subscribe in a reader

So I repeat…subscribe to this blog! (And any other sites you like) It will save you so much time.

Hot Tip: Many non-blog websites also have feeds. Look for a “feed button” or a link that says RSS or XML. With a feed reader you can visit all of your favorite sites on one page saving valuable time.

Some browsers like Firefox & Safari display feed buttons in the address bar whenever you visit a site with a feed. This makes subscribing even easier!

You can also subscribe via email!

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Taps’ Tech Tutorial

3 thoughts on “Taps’ Tech Tutorial

  • June 22, 2007 at 1:40 pm

    have you tried there the RSS reader i use and i really like them. They have a lot of feeds and a very simple layout. As they have this thing called the site of the day and so far i have found a few cool site from it.

  • June 23, 2007 at 5:55 am

    Thanks for the recommendation. I haven’t tried many readers. I just kind of hopped on the first one I found out about! Google has done me just fine but I hope some folks will check out your recommendation as well! Thanks for the post.

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