Jason Janas Has an “Illness”

I bring you this news as quickly as it has come to me.

Jason Janas, tap dance phenom, is ill.

I don’t actually mean ill in the sense of the Physicians Desk Reference, I mean it in the sense of the Urban Dictionary which defines ill as:

Having great skill or skills with respect to a particular endeavor.

The symptoms of his condition are:

1. Incredible rhythms created with the feet.
2. Tap dance steps executed with the exceptional speed and clarity.
3. Awesome musicality & rhythm
4. Ferocious tap combinations

No diagnosis has yet been determined. Maybe you can help with that…just watch this video and submit your best guess about what he is suffering from, in the comments section below.

(Special thanks to Sarah Reich for sharing this video and to Jason Janas for performing it at the 2011 DC Tap Fest.)

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Clear Lake Tap Festival Scheduled 3/4 Thru 3/6

Joseph Webb Tap

Joseph Webb (pictured above), Derick Grant, Acia Gray, Chloe Arnold, Maud Arnold, Matthew Shields will all be be part of the Clear Lake Tap Festival slated for this March. For more information and details check out the web page for the Space City Tap Fest.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll find a way to show up there!

Click the image (courtesy of Divine Rhythm Productions) above to see an article announcing the festival.


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Tap Intensive: Tap Into the Holidays (DC)

DC Holiday Tap Intensive
courtesy of Chloe & Maud Productions

Another great announcement via Facebook. On December 12th Maud Arnold, Chloe Arnold, Jason Janas, and others will be teaching at the “Tap Into the Holidays” Intensive in DC.

For more details & to reserve your place, click the image above. You can also help spread the word easily by using any of the options below.

Happy Holiday Tapping!

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The Jersey Tap Fest (Save 10% Through May 25th)

Jersey Tap Fest

We are less than two months away from the Jersey Tap Fest! They are currently running a special promotion where you can save 10% if you complete registration by May 25th, National Tap Dance Day. (Coincidentally, I am also offering 10% off at www.PortableTapFloor.com via coupon code TAPDAY [exp. 5/25])

Here are some of the tap luminaries that will be a part of this outstanding tap event!



Living tap dance legend Dr. Harold ‘Stumpy’ Cromer of the song and dance comedy team “Stump and Stumpy” with James Cross. Credits include, Du Barry Was a Lady, Early To Bed, The American Dance Machine and special appearances with Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn and many more!

Rep Teachers:
Logan Miller (A.C.G.I., St. Louis Hoofers)
Sarah Reich (A.C.G.I., LA Ironworks)
Alicia Smith (New Jersey Tap Ensemble)
Kyle Wilder (New Jersey Tap Ensemble)

Youth/Int/Adv/Early Bird/Technique Teachers:
Karen Callaway Williams (Riverdance, New Jersey Tap Ensemble)
Maurice Chestnut (Bring in ‘Da Noise Bring in ‘Da Funk, New Jersey Tap Ensemble)
Dr. Harold ‘Stumpy’ Cromer
DeWitt Fleming Jr. (Banana Spheel, Broadway Underground, New Jersey Tap Ensemble)
Jeffry Foote (New Jersey Tap Ensemble)
Jason Janas (Imagine Tap)
Hillary-Marie (Founder and Director of Jersey Tap Fest, New Jersey Tap Ensemble)
Deborah Mitchell (Founder and Artistic Director of New Jersey Tap Ensemble, Black and Blue)
Jenne Vermes

Tom McKie

Music Theory for Tap Dancers:
Nicki Denner (The Nicki Denner Latin Jazz Trio)

Special Guest:
Yvette Glover (Mother of Savion Glover, Jazz Vocalist)

Visit www.JerseyTapFest.com today to learn more and register!

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D.C. Tap Festival Here I Come…

D.C. Tap Festival

Today I sent off my registration form for the D.C. Tap Festival scheduled for the last weekend of this month!

Here are the highlights I’m looking forward to and why:

1. Class with Jason Samuels-Smith on Friday, March 26th

This will actually be my first time taking a class with Jason Samuels-Smith though we have talked tap a lot, especially when I attended the New York City Tap Festival a few years back. Though always a very-talented dancer, I am blown away by what he has accomplished in terms of his technique and creativity over the last few years. Though I’ll be learning steps, I’m really looking to pick up on “woodshedding” techniques and concepts that could help me grow as a dancer.

2. Teacher’s Class with Baakari Wilder on Friday March 26th

When I finally saw Noise/Funk back in the year 2000 (or thereabouts) Savion Glover was no longer leading the show, instead I saw Jimmy Tate one night and Baakari Wilder the next and they both blew me away with their abilities. Baakari actually inherited a student of mine and has done amazing work with her so I am really looking forward to picking up on some of his teaching techniques and patterns for the benefit of my own students here in Atlanta!

3. Class with Chloe Arnold on Saturday, March 27th

I’ve been wanting to take from Chloe for quite some time and am excited to finally do so in D.C. She’s an incredible talent and I have a feeling that her class will probably be among the most challenging for me. I also hear that she’s a great “teacher” which is actually the most important determining factor for me. Trust me, not all great tap dancers are great tap teachers!

4. Improv Class with Jason Janas with Saturday, March 27th

I was actually on the fence about taking this class as I improvise ALL THE TIME and even have a Tap DVD focused on the topic. Not that I believe that I know everything about the subject, but I have taken tap improv classes before that bored me, even when they were billed as being advanced-level. I decided to sign up after reviewing Mr. Janas impressive bio. His has worked with instructors/performers like Acia Gray & Gene Medler, both of whom have blown me away with their teaching abilities. Also, I have heard through the “tap-vine” that he is a great instructor as well so I guess I’ll find out.

5. Friday Night Performance – Saturday Night Jam Session

In Atlanta I don’t get to see other tap dancers perform very often so both of these are a thrill for me. I also hope to get up there and say a little something of my own on the floor. Did I mention that I live for jam sessions!

6. My Portable Tap Floor

I’ll also be bringing a portable tap floor hoping that attendees at the festival can try out in between classes! If you’re interested in having one or just want to learn more about it, visit www.PortableTapFloor.com and submit your email address so you can receive coupon codes and discounts that will help you pay less for one!

Sunday, as the festival continues, I’ll be driving ten hours back to Atlanta…gotta get back to the fam! I hope to see you there. If you’re going, please connect with me ahead of time on Facebook or Twitter!

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