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IF you’re looking for new songs for tap dancing, I recently shared a new recommendation via the link.

IF you’re looking for new tap combinations to practice, I just posted one for you at this link.

IF you need a tap dance floor for practice, follow this link to see (& hear) the new “Portable Tap Floor 2.0”.

IF NOT, thank you for stopping by. 🙂

Terrence “Taps”


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Portable Dance Barres Now Available at PortableTapFloor.com

portable dance barre

You can now purchase a Portable Dance Barre at PortableTapFloor.com to assist you in practicing your Wings & Time Steps at home without falling. It’s also great for stretching and fits conveniently inside of its own bag.

Learn more here.

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The Portable Tap Floor Is Now Blogging

Oak Tap Floors

My Portable Tap Floor Store now has its own tap floor blog where you’ll be able to discover special announcements, offers, interviews, pictures, articles, and anything else relating to portable tap floors.

The first post, just added today, announces the new Oak Tap Floor that’s now available!

Happy Tapping!


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