Phillip Atmore & Tap Dancing From the Soul

I was just playing around on YouTube as I often do when I came across this video featuring Phillip Atmore from “So You Think You Can Dance”. It’s an enjoyable clip of him interacting with guitarist, Matthew Haze. When watching clips like this, I always wonder how my “choices” might have been different from his.

What would this performance have been like if it was me? What did he do that I might also have done? What would I have done differently?
This is an artistic exercise can that really feeds my creativity.

Isn’t it fascinating that different dancers, placed in the same situation, can conjure completely different expressions from the music?

Some say that stealing a tap step is like stealing a part of a dancer’s soul.

I can see that…

By observing a dancer’s choices you can get a sense of who they are & where they are coming from. That is, if you allow your soul to listen to theirs.

Terrence Taps

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