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Tap Steps, Music, Floors, & More

21. January 2015


  IF you’re looking for new songs for tap dancing, I recently shared a new recommendation via the link. IF you’re looking for new tap combinations to practice, I just posted one for you at this link. IF you need a tap dance floor for practice, follow this link to see (& hear) the new “Portable Tap […]

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My New Tap Dance Commercial

25. March 2013


I’m really focused on optimizing my online tap lesson website at right now. Recently, I set up a page that makes scheduling the private Skype tap lessons easier than ever. No more blog posts full of scheduling links! (Yay…that took forever to set up.) I’ve also had created a new intro/demo video that I […]

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Brenda Bufalino Shares Valuable Tap Advice She Received From Her Mentor, Charles “Honi” Coles

17. December 2010


photo credit: C~ A few weeks ago I shared some tap advice that really helped me become the dancer I am today. I also mentioned that I had asked other tap dancers I know to do the same. Well, Brenda Bufalino was the first tap dancer to respond to my question, a reflection on her […]

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Brenda Bufalino Releases Book of Poetry

8. December 2010


Beloved Tap artist Brenda Bufalino recently released a book poetry and it is available for purchase online. Just click the image above to get it. Below is a small snippet pulled from the book product page on the publisher’s website. “I could make a picture book with cut-outs pop-outs and load-ins of Burrill Street long […]

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What’s One Piece of Advice That Helped You Become The Dancer You Are Today?

2. December 2010


photo credit: thinboyfatter If you’re anything like me you can trace a lot of who you are back to certain key experiences that profoundly altered your outlook on dance forever. Maybe it was a scene from a movie, or a performance that captivated you. Or perhaps some wise person (a teacher, a mentor, or a […]

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